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Specialty Services:

Injury/Post Surgical Rehabilitation

As a physical therapist with experience in various settings including chronic pain, our approach has always been not to find ways around the pain, but to really find the cause of your pain. Many fitness professionals will say, “If it hurts, don’t do it” or even worse “just fight through the pain”. We believe that pain is an action signal from your brain indicating when your body needs help. The answer is to treat the root cause of the problem. It is like when the “check engine” light in your car turns on. It doesn’t tell you what the problem is, it just lets you know that your car is now in danger of functioning at a lower capacity level. When we treat the root cause of your pain, the signal (check engine light) will turn off.

Sports Performance Enhancement

Sports Performance Enhancement: Learn to move like a world class athlete. The greatest athletes are able to perform at high levels not for just a year, but for a prolonged period. They own movement and have mastered their craft. You too can master your craft and perform at a high level by getting the proper training and really ensure from session to session that you are seeing REAL and TANGIBLE results. Athletes who excel in their sport not only train hard but they do so with incredible efficiency. That is what separates the good athletes from the great. The ability to train with such precision that they use just the right amount of energy to attain the maximum result.

Injury Prevention

Declining performance is the body’s compensation mechanism that eventually leads to pain and injury. We will do a functional assessment to diagnose and treat the weak links in the body. Treatment and training focuses on owning the basics of movement and ensuring your foundation of movement is in place. Only then will you be able to physically perform at a high level but with a lower risk for injury.

Weight Loss

We are here to help you start making meaningfuland sustainable changes in your life. This is not a program to do for 90 days and then you are on you own. This is about making changes in habit and lifestyle. The #1 problem with diets and weight loss fads is that they force you to make so many changes in your life all at once. That can be overwhelming and usually results in failure. Our training programs will be individualized and implemented in a gradual manner that allow you to succeed in your goal of sustainable weight loss.